How To Get File System Disk Usage


When administrating Linux systems we can found us tracking disk usage. Linux uses different partitions to store data. There are some temp files located in /tmp or different  paths. Some applications are installed into the /opt path. So managing paths and disk usage may become hard in linux. There are some GUI applications like KDirStat but they are useful for only GUI environments. We will look different commands in this tutorial to get disk usage.

Get Disk Usage With df

We can simple issue df command and get disk usage in Kilobyte like below

Let’s make it more readable by using gigabyte output.

If you like the old days by out size with megabyte use below command.

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Getting Usage With ncdu

ncdu is text-based disk usage viewer which can be found in Fedora,Ubuntu, Debian distributions. Sadly it is not provieded by CentOS default repositories.

  • We need root privilege to scan all root directory

And here after running ncdu we get following screen.

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