How To Get Linux Kernel Version?


Linux kernel is the core of the Linux based operating systems we call them simply linux. But sometimes they called Linux Distributions. Kernel initialize system with hardware. Manages hardware to provide services for upper layer operating system application. Kernel do memory management which means allot memory for applications or frees the memory. Manages processes by creating, forking or killing them. Now some little Linux kernel history.

Release History

  • 1.0 kernel released 1994
  • 2.0 kernel released 1996
  • 3.0 kernel released 2011
  • 4.0 kernel released 2015

Generally version exist major,minor numbers.

How To Get Kernel Version With uname

We can get kernel related information with uname . One of information uname provides is kernel version.

  • We provide -a to the uname  to get all information

  • -r parameter will provide kernel version
  • is the major version number
  • 10 is minor version number
  • other part is build number
  • x86_64 is architecture of the kernel which is x86 64 bit

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