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How To Get Mac Address In Windows?

Mac Address is a network address used to layer 2 network traffic. The communication is done between network nodes with the mac address. It is important part of computer networking. In this tutorial, we will look at different ways to get mac addresses practically.

Getmac Command

Getmac command is a simple command used to get mac related information. We will use this command to get all interfaces mac addresses. We will provide /v , /fo and list parameters to the getmac command.

$ getmac /v /fo list
Getmac Command
Getmac Command

There are two network interfaces in the system.

  • Connection Name provides the name or identifier of the interface
  • Network Adapter provides Manufacturer and model information
  • Physical Address provides mac address information

Ipconfig Command

Ipconfig command has a lot of features used to get detailed network information. We can get mac address information with this command too.

$ ipconfig /all
Ipconfig Command
Ipconfig Command

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  1. Your ipconfig example doesn’t show the MAC/physical address, which makes sense because ipconfig won’t show that, at least not on any recent version of windows I’ve seen lately.

    Try ipconfig /all


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