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How To Get Ram Size In Linux?

What are the ways to get ram size in Linux operating system?

Here is some methods to find ram size in Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat.

Getting Ram Size With meminfo

Proc file system provides coonfiguration information about the current opoerating system. We can get information from direcly kernel provided /proc/meminfo . We can see a lot of information parameter with meminfo

  • As we see there is a lot of details. Actually a lot of monitoring applications gets data from here.
  • MemTotal is total ram size
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Get Ram Size With Simple free Command

We can get ram size with simple free command.

But this will give information with kilobyte size. We want to get megabyte

Or I think gigabyte is better

Getting Ram Size With vmstat

Another tool is vmstat as you see below

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