Hot To Get Linux System Serial Number, Manufacturer and Product Name


I have a lot of systems work in datacenter. I have started to create inventory about this servers. I want to be everything is documented in this inventory. How can I achieve this completeness by getting details of the servers.

There are different tools to get information about the system chassis. Inthis tutorial we will look how to get information about chassis serial numbe, manufacturer and product name.

Get System Serial Number

System serial number is given by manufacturer to identify the system. I may be used to track licensing, guaranty etc. We can get the system serial number like below. Keep in mind to get these informations we need root privilege. We can use sudo before our commands.

Get System Manufacturer

We will get the company who manufactured this system. The manufacturer is very familiar in this case.

Get Product Name

Product name specifies the exact name of the system.

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