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How Many Bytes In A Megabyte (MB)?

Bytes and Megabytes are used in computing to specify the size as units. Bytes and Megabytes can be used in different areas of computing like memory, GPU, hard disk drive, programming, etc. As we can see that the main size unit in comping is bytes and megabytes. In this tutorial, we will examine and compare “How many bytes are in a megabyte?” in different cases.

What Is Byte?

A byte is the atom of the computing which can not be divided. Every component size starts with 1 byte and grows accordingly. Actually, 1 byte is 8 bit. But it is not meaningful to use some of 8 bits. By the way, there is also nibble which is 4 bit which is equal to half a byte but it is not popular. In programming, a char data type is 1 byte which can store single ASCII character like “P”, “f”  etc.

What Is Megabyte (MB)?

Mega means very large, huge but in real life “1.000.000” times the stated unit. Megabyte also stated MB as short. With this calculation, 1Megabyte means 1.000.000 bytes but in computing, things work with binary so 1 MB is 2014 Kilobyte and 1 Kilobyte is 1024 byte. Simply 1 MB is 1,048,576 Byte.

1 Kb = 1024 Byte

1 Mb = 1024 Kb

1 Mb = 1024x1024 Byte

1 Mb = 1 048 576 Byte

What Is Mebibyte?

Computer hardware manufacturers produce a different type of hardware like CD, DVD, Hard Disk Drive, SSD’s which have their sizes. Also, the price of these products are set according to their sizes in MB but uses a bit different calculations. 1 KB is set as 1000 byte and 1 MB is set as 1.000.000 byte. This trick metric is called as Mebibyte which is derived from Megabyte.

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Image Size In Byte and MegaByte

Image sizes are around a megabyte which changes according to format, compresses, content, and quality of the images. We can see that the following example images are in kilobyte size.

Image Size In Byte and MegaByte
Image Size In Byte and MegaByte

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