How To Add and Delete Route In Linux?



I am currently working in my gns3 lab on ospf and I have connected my routers to the real world virtual network. What is real world virtual network? I am running gns3 on vms using kvm+libvirt+virt-manager and created a network for them. Here I have connected gns3 to the vms network. Now the issue is I want to route networks. My vms network is default for libvirt which is and gns3 network is I run ospf on gns3 lab with network area 0 command and injected default route for access vms network with ip route . Now I want to route vms the gns3 network.

Route Add Syntax

To add route ip route command is used and ip route command have following syntax.

  • NETWORK is destination network where the packet will be send
  • GATEWAY is first hop where packet will be forwarded.

Route Add

This commands add route where is my GNS3 lab router ip address

And I can ping from vms to the lab router interfaces

To remove added route from linux box use same as add by changing it del

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