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How To Install Java (JRE) Update On Windows?

Java is a programming language that is very popular amongst developers. In order to run Java applications Java Runtime Environment a.k.a. JRE should be installed. As new features come or security bugs fixed JRE is updated regularly. Java or JRE can be updated in different ways where we will look at these ways in this tutorial.

Install Java (JRE)

We will start with the installation of Java or JRE. First, we will browse the following URL which provides the Java installation executables for the all Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2008, Windows 2012, Windows 2016 etc.

Install Java (JRE)
Install Java (JRE)

We can see that the following installation files are provided

  • Windows Online will download a little executable which will 1.87 MB and download all required files and libraries for Java from the internet.
  • Windows Offline will download all files and libraries which is 63.53 MB.
  • Windows Offline (64-bit) which contains all files and libraries for Java installation. It is 71.44 MB and can be used for a 64-bit browser.
Start JRE Installation

During the installation we will see the following screen which will provide basic information about the currently running installation process.

JRE Installation

When the installation is complete successfully we will see the following screen which provides “You have successfully installed Java” message.

JRE Installation Completed Successfully

Check Java or JRE Version

Java or JRE provides regular updates. New updates are numbered according to track updates. Each update or Java version has a version number. We can print this version number in different ways like command-line, GUI, or Browser. We can use java command with the --version option in order to check the version of the installed Java or JRE.

> java --version
Check Java or JRE Version From Command Line

Alternatively we can check Java or JRE version with the GUI where we will write java about to the Start box like below.

About Java
Check Java Version From Java Menu

This will open following Windows here version information is provided which is version 8 and Update 201.

We can also check the Java or JRE version from the following link where we need to click the Accept and Continue button on this page.

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Check Java or JRE Update

We can check if there is a Java or JRE update from different ways like checking the version. We can use GUI or Web in order to check Java or JRE updates. From the web, we can use the following URL to check Java or JRE Update.

JAVA/JRE Installation Outdated

When we click our Java or JRE

We can see that your Java is Out of Date message with the A newer version of Java available. We have Java version 8.181 but the latest Java version is 8.201. We can update Java or JRE with the Download Java Now button which will continue classical Java Install which is explained above.

Update Java From Java Web Site

Well we can update Java or JRE on Windows operating systems in different ways. We will start with the web where we will visit following URL where we have been used for update check.

Then we will click I Agree to the Terms and Want to Continue.

This will redirect us following page where Java Online installer will run. We will click Run command.

We will click Yes in the following screen to install and update Java with Administrator privileges.

We will click Install to start the installation.

This is the installation phase of the Java.

When the new version of the Java installation complete we will see a Windows which will list old or out-of-date versions of Java to uninstall. We will click Uninstall

Here is the uninstall process of old and out-of-date Java

When uninstall of old Java completed we will see the following screen. We can click Next

Now we can exit from the update of the Java.

Update Java From Java From GUI

We can update Java from GUI or Desktop by using Java Configuration tool. We can open the Java configuration tool from Computer->Control Panel->Java

Or writing Configure Java to the Start menu like below.

Then we will open the Update pane where we can find the Update button below.

We will see the following screen where we have to click Update. We can see that Java Update Available message which means there is an update version.

After this step, the update process will continue like web-based Java update.

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