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How To Change/Set Homepage and Start Page In Google Chrome Browser?

When the Google Chrome browser is started or a new tab is opened a default page is provided to the user. This default page is called a Homepage or Start page. They are not the same where the Start page will be shown when Google Chrome is first launched. Homepage is navigated when the home icon is clicked. But if you set both the same URL they will refer to the same page.

Set HomePage and Show Homepage Button

Homepage Button is used to navigate a specific page when clicked. This page is called the Homepage. By default, the homepage button is hidden on Google Chrome. In order to enable homepage button first the Settings should be opened like below.

Then scroll down to the Appearance where the Show home button config appears. Enable the Show home button setting by sliding down. This will open the following text box in order to set the homepage URL. We will set the homepage as “” as below.

Show Homepage Button and Set homepage

Set Startup Page

Startup page is the page which will be opened when Google Chrome started the first time. Keep in mind that adding new tabs will not open the startup page. In order to set the start page first open the settings of Google Chrome which is explained in the previous part. Then navigate to the On startup a configuration like below and check the Open a specific page or set of pages configuration.

Then we will click to the add new page where we will see the following text-box. We will set “” as the start page and click to the add.

Set Start Page For Google Chrome

Below we can see that the start page is set as “”.

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