How To Change Windows Password In Different Ways?

There are some good reasons to change or reset a Windows operating system password. Windows passwords can be changed in different ways for different Windows versions like Windows XP, Windows 10, etc. In this tutorial, we will learn how to change or reset Windows password from User Account Control, PC Settings, Computer Management, Command Line (MS-DOS) and Sign-In Screen.

Change Windows Password From User Accounts  For Windows 8 and Windows 10

The most popular and well-known way to change the Windows password is to use the User Account Control which can be opened from the Control Panel.

  1. First, we will open the User Accounts from the start menu by typing `password` and click to `Open` like below.
Open Password Change Screen
  • Select the `Password` from the sign-in options which we will see the `Change` button which will open the password change screen.
Open Password Change Screen
  • After that, we will see the `Change your password` screen. First, we will provide our current password if it is set previously. If not set we we will simply provide out the new password.
Provide Current Password
  • In the following screen, we will be asked the new password, confirm the password and provide some password hint in order to remember easily.
Provide New Password with Password Hint

Change Windows Password From User Account Control  For Windows 7 and Windows XP

Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems are old-style operating systems where their management is a bit different from the newer operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10.

  • First, we will open the `User Accounts` from the start menu by typing `user accounts` like below.
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  • We will see the `User Accounts` screen where we will simply click to the `Change your password` like below.

  • In the following step, we will be asked for the current password with the new password, password confirmation, and some hint.

  • As the last step we will click to the `Change password` button which will change to the newly provided password.

Change Windows Password From Computer Management

We can also use the Computer Management tool in order to change the Windows password.

  • In order to open the Computer Management type `computer management` into the start menu and open it.
Open Computer Management
  • We will see the following screen where we will select `Local Users and Groups` from the left sidebar and then click to the `Users` on the main screen.
Local User Management
  • Then the users will be listed. We will right-click to the username we want to change its password and click to `Set Password..` from the opened menu.
Set Local User Password
  • We will see the following warning screen where we will simply click to the `Proceed` button.
Proceed To Password
  • In the following screen, we will type the new password and confirm the password. As the last step, we will click to the `OK` to complete the password change.
Type New Password
  • If the password is changed successfully a message like below will be shown.
Windows Password Change

Change Windows Password From Command Prompt or Command Line

We can use the command-line interface in order to change the Windows user password.

  • Open command-line interface MS-DOS from the start menu by typing `cmd.exe`.
Open Command Line Interface
  • Then we will see the command prompt. We will use the `net user`command and provide the user name and the password we want to change. In this example the user is ismail and the password is 123456 which is not secure to use in production systems.
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Change Windows Password Command Line

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