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How To Disable Cortana on Windows 10?

Cortana is a virtual assistant provided by Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. It provides speech recognition where we can ask questions or give commands to the windows like When does summer begin or What gate is Delta flight 35 arriving at? etc. Microsoft does not want to disable Cortana by us and makes is harder. But we can disable Cortana for Windows 10 in different ways where we will examine these ways in this tutorial.

Cortana on Windows 10

Hide Cortana Icon From Menu Bar

Cortana can be accessed from the menu bar with a circle icon which is depicted in the previous screenshot. We can hide the Cortana icon from the menu bar with the following steps. Right click to the menu bar -> Cortana->Hidden. As we can the default option is Show Cortana Icon. We will click to the Hidden like below.

Hide Cortana Icon From Menu Bar

Disable Cortana From Registry

Cortana can be disabled cruelly from the registry. We will open the registry editor from the Start Menu like below. We will rite down Registry Editor or  regedit.

Disable Cortana with Registry

We will see the following screen which is named Registry Editor to manage windows registry configuration.

Windows Registry

Navigate to the following registry key.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search

If the Windows Search does not exist create a Windows Search folder by right click

Create Windows Search Registry

The newly created Windows Search will look like below.

Windows Search Registry

We will create a new value named AllowCortana which type is DWORD(32 Bit) inside Windows Search folder. Then we will set the AllowCortana value to the 0 which means disable Cortana.

Create AllowCortana Key

We can see the create value below which type is DWORD(32 Bit) and value is set to .

AllowCortana Key

Disable Cortana From Group Policy

If you are using the Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise we can also use Group Policy Editor in order to disable the Cortana. Group Policies are used to manage Windows configuration for multiple computers and user groups. Local group policy is used to set Local configuration of the current system. We will open Local Group Policy Editor from the Start menu or Run like below by using gpedit.msc command.

Open Group Policy Editor

We will see a window like below. We need to navigate to the Allow Cortana setting with these steps. Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Search. Then we will double click to the Allow Cortana configuration from the right pane like below.

Cortana Group Policy Configuration

We will see the following Allow Cortana configuration. We have 3 options where Not Configured, Enabled and Disabled. We will select the Disabled and click to the Apply.

Allow Cortana Configuration

Disable Cortana From Windows Settings

Windows 10 provides the Windows Settings configuration panel which can be also used to disable Cortana. We will open Windows Settings with the Win+I keyboard shortcut.

Windows Settings

We will see the following screen where some basic Cortana configuration can be done. We can disable Cortana Hey Cortana respond interaction like below. By changing Off we will disable Cortana respond.

Cortana Configuration

Remove Cortana Data

During the usage of the Cortana, some speech and search data will be stored locally. This historical activity data can be removed from the `Cortana Permission&History configuration like below.

Remove Cortana Data

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