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How To Enable Adobe Flash Player For Google Chrome?

Adobe Flash is a technology used for years to run embedded applications and code inside the web browser and HTML code. Adobe Flash was very popular during the 2000s and 2010s. But with the advancement of the HTML like HTML5, it became less useful and popular.

End Of Flash Support

With the emerge of the HTML5 Adobe Flash Player popularity decreased. HTML5 can provide most of the features of the Adobe Flash player without any extra plugin and in a faster way. Also, there are a lot of security issues related with the Adobe Flash Player.

Check Flash Player Status

Before enabling the Adobe Flash Player we will check if it’s installed properly. While Google Chrome provides the Adobe Flash Player by default as pre-installed we get information about enablement.

Check Flash Player Status

We can see that when we click to the button Check Now information about the Flash is displayed. Information like Browser Name, Operating System and Flash Version is displayed. If the Flash is not enabled the version will not be displayed.

Enable Flash For Google Chrome

Google Chrome Adobe Flash player configuration can be accessed from the Chrome settings screen. We can open the Adobe Flash Player settings from the following path which will be put into the address bar of Google Chrome.

Enable Flash For Google Chrome

We can see that Flash is blocked or disable which is by default. There is also Blocked and Allowed Site list where Flash is specifically disabled or enabled for specific sites. We will enable the Adobe Flash for Chrome by turning off the block like below. Actually this will ask before running flash animations for each site and the answer will be stored for future use for each site.

Enable Flash For Google Chrome

Enable Flash For Specific Site On Google Chrome

When we enter a webpage that contains Adobe Flash animation. We will see a screen like below which simply says Click to enable Adobe Flash Player. This means AdobeFlash Player has not activated automatically because of the security reasons. We need to activate it manually by clicking on the Flash animation. We will see a screen like below which will ask us whether we want to allow or block the Flash content. We will simply click to Allow.

Allow Flash Animation

We can also change this configuration later from the site’s configuration. We will click to the address bar when the site is opened. We will click to the lock sign which will list some configuration about the site where we can find the Flash configuration too.

Change Flash Player Configuration For Specific Site

We can see that in this screen already enabled web sites from the Allow. Also blocked sites can be listed below the Block part.

List Flash Enabled Web Sites

Check Adobe Flash Update For Google Chrome

As a built-in component, we can use chrome://components a configuration like below. We can click on the Check Updates.

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Check Adobe Flash Update For Google Chrome

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