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How To Enable JavaScript In Google Chrome?

JavaScript is a de facto scripting language for web programming. JavaScript is used to create actions, validation, animation, and communication for web pages and web applications.

Why Enable JavaScript?

JavaScript is a very important technology for the web. Most of the web sites rely on JavaScript to work properly. Event the web pages can work without JavaScript this will be very limited and poor. By enabling JavaScript all features of the web site can be used like theme changing, actions, animations, applications logic, etc. If JavaScript is disabled, we can enable it easily on the Google Chrome browser.

JavaScript gives the website owners the ability to run script and code inside our browsers. This can be a bit tricky and provide some security problems for harmfull web sites.

Enable JavaScript In Chrome

JavaScript can be enabled from the “Settings” menu of the Chrome browser. We will open settings from the menu below. Alternatively we can use the following URL in order to access the JavaScript setting screen directly.

Enable JavaScript In Chrome

In the following settings screen, we will navigate to the “Privacy and security” section and click to the “Site Settings” like below. “Site Settings” configuration is related to all sites we are browsing not just a specific site.

Open Site Settings In Chrome

There are different configuration on the site settings screen like “Camera”, “Notifications” and “JavaScript”. We will click to the “JavaScript” like below. Also the current status of the “JavaScript” is printed below where JavaScript is enabled.

JavaScript Configuration For Chrome

In the following screen, we see that there are options like “Allow” “Block” etc. We will enable by sliding the “Allow(recommended)” configuration. We see that allowing JavaScript is recommended by GoogleChrome. “Block” and “Allow” sections are used to add specific sites to block or allow JavaScript.

Allow JavaScript On Google Chrome

Enable JavaScript For Specific Websites In Chrome

We can also allow JavaScript for specific sites. We will add the website URL we want to allow JavaScript from the “JavaScript” setting screen which is explained in previous step.

Enable JavaScript For Specific Websites In Chrome

We will see the “Add a site” box where we will put the web site URL. In this case we will enable the JavaScript for the “”.

Enable JavaScript For Specific Websites In Chrome

We can see the newly added website address below the “Allow” section. We can also “Block”, “Edit”, “Remove” the web site easily by using menu like below.

Enable JavaScript For Specific Websites In Chrome

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