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How To Export Google Chrome Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are used to pin selected web pages URLs into the web. Most of the web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari provides Bookmark Manager in order to bookmark favorite web pages.

Open Bookmark Manager

In order to manage and export bookmarks, we need to open the Bookmark Manager. Bookmark Manager is used to editing, export and import bookmarks. We can open the bookmark manager in a different way for Google Chrome. We can open the bookmark Manager from Chrome Menu -> Bookmarks -> Bookmark manager like below.

Open Google Chrome Bookmark Manager

Alternatively, we can use the CTRL+SHIFT+O keyboard shortcut easily opens the Bookmark Manager.


The last alternative way is using the address bar with chrome://bookmarks like below.

Google Chrome Bookmark Manager

Export Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be exported from the bookmark manager screen. We will click to the top-right menu sign and select the menu item Export bookmarks like below.

Export Google Chrome Bookmarks

We will see the following Save As screen which will save the current bookmarks as HTML. Bookmarks are exported in HTML web pages in Google Chrome. We will specify the HTML document name or filename for the bookmark export. In this case, we will set as poftut. By default, the export location is the current user documents folder but we can change it.

Select Location and Bookmark File Name

Restore/Import Bookmarks

We can restore exported Google Chrome bookmarks easily by using the Bookmark Manager. We will click to the top-right Bookmark Manager menu where we will select the import bookmarks menu item.

Import Google Chrome Bookmark

We will see an Open File dialog where we will select the exported bookmark file which we want to import. In this example, we will import the bookmark backup named poftut.

Select Bookmarks File To Import

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