How To Find and Open Downloads Folder For Windows, Linux, MacOSX?

Downloads Folder is used to store downloaded files automatically. Different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera uses, and stores files downloaded by using them.

What Is Downloads Folder?

“Downloads Folder” is provided by the most of the operating systems like Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, RHEL, MacOSX by default. Downloads folder generally located under the current user home diretory.

Windows Downloads Folder Path:

C:\Users\İsmail Baydan\Downloads

Linux Downloads Folder Path:


MacOSX Downloads Folder Path:


Find and Open Downloads Folder On Windows

A shortcut or “Quick Access” for the downloads folder are provided by Windows file explorer. So we will open the file explorer in different ways like WIN+E keyboard shortcut or File explorer shortcut on the taskbar.

Open Windows File Explorer

The left side bar or panel provides some quick access to the popular folders like “Desktop”, “Downloads”, “Documents” etc. We will just click to the “Downloads” like below.

Windows Downloads Folder

Alternatively, we can use the “Start Menu” in order to search and open the “Downloads Folder”. We will just type “downloads” to the start menu like below.

Search Downloads Folder On Start Menu

Find and Open Downloads Folder On Linux

Linux also provides “Downloads Folder” in order to store downloaded files. In order to open “Downloads Folder” we will open the “File Manager” from the “Applications Menu” or from the shortcut like below.

Then we will select by using “Places” shortcut on the left sidebar “Downloads” like below. This will open the “Downloads Folder”.

Open Downloads Folder On Linux

Alternatively we can use XFCE “File Manager” shortcut like below which will list “Dowloads” and it will provide shortcut for opening “Downloads Folder” or “Terminal” in “Downloads Folder” path.

Open Downloads Folder On Linux

Open Downloads Folder On Google Chrome

We can also list downloads and open the “Downloads Folder” from the Google Chrome browser. We can list downloads by using CTRL+J keyboard shortcut or from the menu like below.

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Open Download List On Google Chrome

From the downloads section we will click to the right left button and click to the “Open downloads folder” open “Downloads Folder”. Alternative we can use one of the downloaded file menu “Show in folder” button.

Open Downloads Folder On Google Chrome

Find and Open Downloads On MacOSX

MacOSX also provides the “Downloads Folder” for downloaded files. We can open “Downloads Folder” in different ways. First we will open the file manager named “Finder”. Then we can use the left sidebar “Downloads” shortcut or the “Go” menu “Downloads” shortcut like below.

Alternatively we can use the SHFT+L keyboard shortcut in order to open “Downloads Folder”.

Find and Open Downloads Folder On Android

First we will open the file manager software which can be named differently in different android phones but in general named as “File” like below. We will open the file manager.

Open File Manager On Android

The file manager provides a menu which is located in the upper left of the screen. We will click to this menu which will open some shortcuts of the important and popular locations or paths.

Android File Manager

The last step is the clicking to the “Downloads” shortcut like below.

Open Downloads Folder On Android

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