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How To Find My Router IP Address On Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Android, iOS, iPhone, ChromeOS Operating Systems?

Router is a popular device that is used to connect different networks together. From an end-user point of view, a router is a device that is used to connect the internet. ADSL Modems ,Dialup Modems ,MetroEthernet Switch , 4G and 5G Modems also referred to as Router because of their routing function and the popularity of the router term.

Routers used in homes generally connected the LAN or Local Area Network to the internet. Both LAN and internet networks use IP addresses for communication and addressing. But LAN uses private IP addresses like, and etc. address range is the most popular and most used private address range. So your modem probably uses an IP address which is inside the range.

By default, a router is the default gateway for the home LAN network. Default gateway means the default point to access outside of LAN or to the internet. In order to manage the router, we should access the router GUI which is generally a web page. This web page is accessed with the IP address of the router. We can find the IP address of the router in different ways and tools for Windows, Linux, MacOS X, iOS, Android, ChromeOS via GUI or command line.

Find Your Router IP Address In Windows via Command Line

Windows operating systems you can use MS-DOS or PowerShell command-line in order to find out your router IP address. There are different commands but the most basic and already provided command is ipcionfig command. We will open the MS-DOS or PowerShell terminal by typing ms-dos or powershell from the Start Menu like below.

Open MS-DOS Command Line

Then we will type the ipcionfig command like below.

Windows Ethernet Adapter Default Gateway

This command will list information about the network interfaces. If we are connected via ethernet or cable we will look for an Ethernet adapter configuration section and find the Default Gateway line which provides your router IP address. If the connection is wireless you need to look Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi line or section with the same default gateway line as below.

Windows Wireless Adapter Default Gateway

Find Your Router IP Address In Windows via Network Center GUI

Windows operating systems also provide ways to find your router IP address via GUI. We can use the Network and Sharing center in order to list detailed information about the network adapter or network interface card. First, you will open the Network Connections screen via Control Panel ->Netowrk and Internet ->Network Connections like below.

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Type control panel to the start menu like below open the listed control panel window.

In the following Control Panel, we will click to the View network status and tasks like below.

Control Panel View Network Status and Tasks

In the Network and Sharing Center the network interfaces will be listed. In most the cases, there will be a single item which is your internet connection to the router. In the following example, the connection is Ethernet type and we will click to the Ethernet0 .

Network and Sharing Center Open Ethernet0

The Ethernet0 Status windows have shown like below. We will click to the Details which will show the ethernet connection details that also contains default gateway information or your router IP address.

Ehternet0 Status and Details

In the Network Connection Details window you can see that the IPv4 Default Gateway line provides your router IP address which is in this case.

Windows Ethernet Network Connection Details

Find Your Router IP Address In Linux via Command Line

If you are using a Linux distribution like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Mint, CentOS, RHEL, SUSE you can find your router IP address via command line easily by using the ip route command. We will use the following command which does not require root privilege.

$ ip route
Linux ip route Command

Your router IP address will be listed in the first line with the text default via . This is the default gateway address which is your router IP address.

Find Your Router IP Address In Linux via Network Center GUI

Linux desktop environment provides GUI for the users. We can also use this GUI in order to find the router IP address. Generally, the top right corner of the desktop provides some network icons like below. In this example, we are using Ubuntu Gnome Desktop. We will click to the Wired Settings because the connection is Ethernet. If it was a wireless connection the selection will be Wireless Settings.

The network settings screen will be shown below. We will click to the configuration icon which is on the left of the network adaptor connection.

Linux Network Management GUI

The following Wired screen provides some information about the network connection. Your router IP address is listed as Default Route like below.

Linux GNOME Wired Connection Information

Find Your Router IP Address In MacOS X via Command Line

MacOS X provides a command-line named Terminal for its users. You can use it to learn your router IP address. We will open the Terminal from the right upper corner Search box by typing Terminal. Then we will put the command route get default to the terminal like below.

$ route get default
MacOS X Default Route Command

Find Your Router IP Address In MacOS X via Network Center GUI

MacOS X also provides GUI tools to get your router IP address. In order to get the default gateway address, you will open the TCP/IP configuration of the network interface card with the following steps. First, open the System Preferences window and click to the Network configuration like below.

System Preferences and Open Network

In the Network control panel you will click to the Advanced button which is in the rigth bottom.

Open Advanced Network Settings

In the Wi-Fi settings screen open the TCP/IP tab like below. The Router line provides the IP address of your router or default gateway.

MacOS X Router or Default Gateway IP Address

Find Your Router IP Address In iPhone or iOS

On an iPhone or iPad where both of them using the iOS operating system your router IP address can be found from the Settings ->Wi-Fi . This page will provide the Router line which is your router IP address.

Find Your Router IP Address In iPhone or iOS

Find Your Router IP Address In Android

Old versions of theAndroid operation system may not provide your router or default gateway information directly. In this case, you should install a 3rd arty application which will provide detailed information.

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Newer and latest Android operating systems provide the network information as well as your default gateway and router IP address. Follow these steps: Android Configuration -> Network & Internet ->Wi-Fi ->The SSID or Wireless Connection Name ->Advanced .

Select The Wireless Connection Name

Below you can see that your router IP address is listed as Gateway which is

Android Network Connection Details

Find Your Router IP Address In ChromeOS

ChromeOS is a Google Chromebook operating system that uses cloud services to work with. We can get our router IP addressin a chrome book via Network settings page Gateway line like below.

Find Your Router IP Address In ChromeOS

Most Common Router IP Address List

Routers can use any private IP address but generally, they use common router IP addresses. Following IP addresses used by routers in general.


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