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How To Install Eclipse Java Development Environment On Windows ?

Eclipse is open source and popular Application Development Environment and Tool. Eclipse is popular with its flexibility where it supports a lot of different programming language like R, Python, C/C++, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, etc. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install the Eclipse Java  Integrated Development Environment.

Install  JDK (Java Development Kit)

Eclipse is developed with the Java programming language. This means in order to run Eclipse even for different programming language IDE we need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). JRE simple provides an environment to run Java applications. But As we will also develop Java code or applications we also need the Java Development Kit in order to use different libraries, function, and features for development. We can install Oracle JDK which is explained in detail in the following tutorial.

How To Download, Install JDK (Java Development Kit) On Windows?

Setup Java, JRE, JDK System Environment Variables

In order to run Eclipse properly, we have to set the Java, JRE or JDK system environment variables. This will make java.exe and JDK libraries available to the system-wide applications like Eclipse. Following tutorial explains it in detail.

How To Set Java, JRE and JDK Home Path and Environment Variables On Windows?

Select Eclipse Java IDE Type

We have installed JDK which is described above. Now we have to select the type of Eclipse Java IDE from the Java page. In the following screen, we will see two types those are named Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers and Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

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Select Eclipse Java IDE Type
Select Eclipse Java IDE Type
  • `Eclipse IDE for Java Developers` is mainly designed for a sole or small group of developers and create standard Java applications. It provides tools like Git client, XML Editor, Mylyn, Maven, and Gradle integration.
  • `Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers` provides enterprise-ready tools which make its size about 240 MB. It provides extra tools against `Eclipse Ide for Java Developers` like JPA, JFS and more collaboration tools.

Download Eclipse Java IDE

We will download the Eclipse Java IDE in this part. We will select the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers to download and install.

Simply we can download the Eclipse Java IDE from the following link by clicking Download button. This will download the compressed zip file named

Install Eclipse Java IDE

Actually, Eclipse Java IDE do not require any setup or installation process. We just need to decompress or extract the download zip archive with by right-clicking the file. Then we will select Extract All or if we have any compression tool like WinRAR, 7zip, etc. I am using 7zip where I will extract like below too.

Extract Eclipse Java IDE
Extract Eclipse Java IDE

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