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How To Rotate Screen In Windows 7,8,10?

Windows operating system provides different monitors or screen orientations for different cases. We can rotate integrated or external monitors easily by using different methods like Display Settings, Hotkeys, Intel Graphic Settings, NVIDIA Control Panel, or 3rd Party Application.

Sideways Screen Problem

While typing with the keyboard using shortcuts is a very easy way to accomplish different actions. But in some cases, heavy usage may create some problems with mistyped keys. We can change the screen layout with a mistyped key which is called Sideway Screen Problem . We can correct or solve this error by rotating the screen to the back which is explained below in detail.

Windows Screen Rotations or Layout

Windows provides 4 screen rotation. They can be configured by using different methods and tools like Display Settings, Keyboard shortcuts, Graphic Driver Tool etc.

Landscape is the default and most used screen or display rotation. It is the normal rotation where the graphics are displayed in a normal way. The horizontal resolution or pixel count is higher than the vertical resolution.

Portrait is very similar to the portrait resolution. The vertical resolution or pixel count is higher than the horizontal resolution or pixel count.

Landscape (flipped) is the reverse version of the lanscape where bottom goes up and upper side goes down.

Portrait (flipped) is the reverse version of the portrait where right side goes to the left side and left side goes to the right side.

Rotate Screen Via Display Settings

The most basic way to rotate or flip a screen is using the Display Settings . Display settings can be used for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 in order to flip or rotate screen into the landscape, portrait, flipped-landscape, flipped-portrait. Display settings can be opened in different waus but the most easi way is right click on the desktop and click to the Display Settings like below. Alternatively Settings->System->Display for Windows 10 and Windows 8, Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization-> Display->Display Settings for Windows 7 can be used.

Open Display Settings From Desktop Directly

Below we will see the Display Configuration . We will navigate to the down Display orientation where the Landscape is the default configuration.

Windows 10 Display Orientation Landscape

We will see a drop-down list which provides Landscape, Portrait, Landscape (flipped), Portrait (flipped). We can change to the orientation we want which are described above in detail.

Flip or Change Display Orientation

If you can not see the Display Orientation setting on Windows 10 and Windows 7 please update your computer graphics driver.

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Rotate Screen With Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Windows also provide useful shortcuts in order to change, flip, or display orientation. Hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts are a fast and easy way in order to change the screen or display orientation. The CTRL+ALT key combination can be used to change the screen or display orientation. Below we will list the CTRL+ALT hotkey combinations with the arrow keys in order to specify the rotation direction.

CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow = Rotate Screen Normal Upright Rotation

CTRL+ALT+Right Arrow = Rotate Screen 90 Degrees

CTRL+ALT+Down Arrow = Rotate Screen Upside Down (180 Degrees)

CTRL+ALT+Left Arrow = Rotate Screen 270 Degrees

The default hotkeys can be changed via the Intel Graphics settings tool or NVIDIA Graphics Settings.

Rotate Screen with Intel Graphics Settings

Even Display Settings are used to flip or rotate display the external graphic cards provides different tools in order to manage graphics settings and rotating screen. Intel Graphics are popularly used on Laptops and Intel Graphics Settings are provided to manage the graphics settings related to Intel Graphic card. We will right-click to the desktop and click to the Graphics Properties like below.

Open Intel Graphics Properties

We will see the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel like below. This screen can be different for different versions of the Intel Graphics card. We will click to the Display button like below.

Intel HD Graphics Control Panel

In the Display screen, we will see the Rotation configuration which provides numbers of the degrees to rotate. The default configuration is 0 degree which is no rotation. Other values are 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees to turn.

Intel HD Graphics Control Panel Display Rotation Configuration

Rotate Screen with NVIDIA Control Panel

Similar to the Intel NVIDIA graphic cards provides configuration about display. The internal or external screen can be configured via the NVIDIA Control Panel. NVIDIA Control panel can be opened from the desktop by right-clicking to the desktop and clicking to the NVIDIA Control Panel. From the Display menu we will select the Rotate display configuration and we can select the screen or monitor and in the second step we will select the orientation which is explained above.

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