How To Run gpupdate /force On Windows?

gpupdate command is used to update Group policies in Windows operating system Domain. There are different options to use with the gpupdate but one of the most used option is /force which will reapply all policy settings.

Force Only

We can force to reapply all group policy settings with the  /forceoption. The default behavior without/force` option is only update changed policies.

> gpupdate /force
Force Only
Force Only

As we can see from screenshot User and Computer policies are updated successfully.

Force and Reboot

If we want to force and make the system restart or reboot we should provide the /boot option next to the /force option like below.

> gpupdate /force /boot

Force and Logoff Account

We can also log off from the current session or account after updating the group policy forcibly. We will provide the /logoff option after the /force option like below.

> gpupdate /force /logoff

Set Timeout To Force gpupdate

Updating group policy may take some time or run forever if there is a problem. This problem can be a network or domain-related problem. Especially in remote branches network problems are very popular. We can set a time that will stop the update if it is not completed. We call this a timeout and use /w option and provide a time.

In this example, we will wait for 120 seconds in order to complete a group policy update.

> gpupdate /force /w:120

Force gpupdate with PowerShell

gpupdate command can be used in PowerShell too. We can use -force option like below with Invoke-GPUpdate command.

PS> Invoke-GPUpdate -force

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