HTML target=”_blank” Link Tutorial with Examples

HTML provides the <a> element or tag in order to create links to the other pages, URL, or part of the same page. While creating a link we can set the style of the link like open in the same browser tab or page or in a new browser window or tab. We can open given link in a new browser window or tab by using the target="_blank" attribute of the <a> element.

Why Open A Link In A New Window or Tab

There are some good reasons to open a link in a new window or tab.

  • There may a user-initiated media playing like a video or sound. Opening a link on the same page will interrupt the user’s media experience.
  • The user is working on the page and changing page will cause loss of work or data.

Why Not Open A Link In A New Window or Tab

Well, there are some reasons which make the opening a link in a new browser tab or window.

  • The first reason is that we like to open links in a new window or tab. The default behavior of the link is opening in the same window or tab without creating a new one. This can be a bad reason where users generally stick to the default behavior with links.
  • The second reason maybe we do not want our users to leave our web site by creating multiple windows or tabs for our web page. This can be related to branding.
  • The third reason is processing internal and external links differently. We can behave the external links differently and open then in a new tab or window.
  • The fourth reason is providing a download link like a PDF.
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