Install Dnsmasq As Cache Dns Server


We have a lot of computer in our network. Our network speed is not too much. Sometimes especially in mornings our internet connection slows down. How can solve this with some dns related tricks?

Dns is one of the mostly used network protocol. It can effect the internet speed. Making some optimizations will develop your internet experience.

Caching is to hold resolved dns queries in our dns server. There are different type and feature dns servers in the wild. Dnsmasq is one them which is very light. Dnsmasq can be used tftp and dhcp server too.


We can install dnsmasq easily like below.

Ubuntu, Debian, Kali

CentOS, Fedora

Add New DNS Server

Add new dns servers for the next hop for dnsmasq. Keep in mind to add these configuration we need root privilege

Restart Dnsmasq

Now we need to restart dnsmasq service like below.

Test With Dig

In order to see whether the dnsmasq is active we will use dig for domain name query. We will make a dns query for

Now make same query again to get dns request from our local dnsmasq

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As we see first query complete in 9 msec but second query take 0 msec. It is fast isn’t it?

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