How To Install Tenable Nessus into Kali?


I am pentest guy. I heard that Nessus is very good tool to manage vulnerabilities or vulnerability scanning. How can I install Nessus into my dpkg based pentest box? My distro my Debian, Ubuntu, Kali etc.

Get License Key

First step is license key. In old days Nessus was provided by Kali distribution as home version. There was no day limit of the Nessus. But the days gone and we are now here. To use Nessus we can download a trial of 7 days or buy. I assume you have completed this step. We can complete this step with this web page

Download Nessus Package

Good we have license now. We need to get installation package. Nessus supports a lot of different operating systems from Kali to Windows. We download for Kali from this page.


Our package download is completed. We will install the Nessus with dpkg tool. Our packages full name is Nessus-6.9.0-debian6_amd64.deb . Installation can take some time. Actually installin Nessus is fast but configuration of the plugins take some time. There are a lot of plugins for different systems. For example it took 870 second in my SSD cached Kali virtual machine.

Keep in mind that to install we need root privileges. After installation it gives helpfull information about.


After installing Nessus we should do some configuration. Nessus is not started by default. So we should start Nessus with the following command.

We have started nessusd service but be sure it is running by checking service status.

Ok. Now we can access web interface with following url

After accessing web page we can enter license key

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