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Introduction to Javascript Programming Language

Javascript is scripting language very popular among developers. Javascript is the programming language of the web. In the recents years Javascript popularity is higher than before because it gained a lot of features with new browsers technologies. There browsers, mobile devices, desktop, game consoles use Javascript.


Javascript initially designed to interact with Html code when it was a baby. Also at that time there was a scripting language named vb script. Vbscript was Javascript’s rival but Javascript knocked out all of it’s alternatives.

Javascript vs Java

Keep in mind that Javascript is similar but different than Java. Java working environment is different from Javascript. Their purposes are different too.

Language Attributes

Javascript provides most of the modern programming languages. Javascript core api is very limited and can be extended with third party libraries like jQuery, Reactjs, AngularJS etc.


One of the most important feature of Javascript is its simplicity. Javascript do not provides whole set of feature  like other application development languages like C, C++, Java, C# etc. Javascript mainly provides web programming features which makes it easy to learn and develop.

Object Oriented

Javascript is not wholly object oriented but provides most of the features ob object oriented programming. So we can easily use advantages of class and inheritance.


Javascript is interpreted which is the opposite of compiled. Javascript code do not need to be compiled before used. This makes Javascript practical language.

Client Side

Javascript is generally used to develop Client side applications. What is client side? Client side means the application consumer side so generally web application are used by people simply browsing them in their browser. While browsing web pages javascript codes and applications also run in their browsers.

Server Side

In previous part we called Javascript as client side but we call it server side too. Recently Javascript is used for server side programming. Server side Javascript programming become popular with NodeJS .

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