Java JDK vs JRE What Are Differences and Similarities?


Java the popular one of the most loved programming language. Java language supported mainly by JRE and JDK components. These components or frameworks provides different functionalities to the Java programming language.

JRE or Java Runtime Environment

Java applications basically needs JRE to be installed. As its named suggests it is designed to be run Java Applications. Java Virtual Machine comes with JRE.

JRE Features

In the following situations we may chose to use JRE

  • Just run a Java application
  • Run Java applet on the browser
  • Execute apps with JVM
  • Requires less disk space

JDK or Java Development Kit

Java Development Kit is designed to provide comfortable Java Development environment to the Java developers. It provides compilers, Libraries, debugger, Java documentation.

JDK Features

In the following situations we may chose to use JDK

  • Application development
  • Applications debugging
  • Java Development documents
  • Compile Java applications
  • Requires more disk space
  • Includes JRE

Java Architecture

Java language have a lot of components and frameworks. General architecture can be depicted like below.

Java Architecture 

Java Architecture

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