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John The Ripper Modes and Configuration

John have a lot of different features and in order to configure these features it provides a lot of configuration options. In this tutorial we will look some of them.

Getting Help

There is two way to get help abut John. One is the simplest way by using -h .

And the other method is by using man page. Man page provides more details.

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John have 3 different modes to crack passwords.

Wordlist: In this mode john will look a given wordlist to crack passwords.

Single Crack: Int this mode john will try crack login:password files.

Incremental: This is the most powerfull mode, john will try all alphabet to crack also new methods can be created in this mode.

When john started without any Mode parameter is tries Modes sequencially like Single Mode, Word List Mode, Incremental Mode.

We set Mode manually like below. After selected Mode search ends it do not jumps next Mode.

echo '
  • –single is the Mode specifier or –si  can be used as abrevation


Configuration file about john can be found in /etc/john/john.conf 

If we look into john.conf we will see there is a lot of configuration like word list, alert, defaults, algorithms, rules.

Local user configuration resides in user home directory with name .john . It is a hidden file where provides john history, configuration,cracked passwords etc.

Here is some configuration about Incremental methods alphanumeric wordlist calculation

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