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How To Learn Python Programming?

Python is popular language and used by mainly application developers. But the only users are not application developers. Python is also used by system administrators, pentesters evens network administrators. Python is easy to learn and implement. Python have huge platform and library support from networking to visualization. In this tutorial we will list some tips about learning Python.

Be Concentrated

Concentration is the most important while learning anything like Python. Be slow while learning and inspect each part of the topic slowly. Prefer silent environment.

Start With Simple

Start learning with simple steps. Continue learning with simple steps too. Prefer most basics examples not rocket science type examples.

Track 1-2 Resources

Select 1 or 2 resources to track. But while selecting tutorial prefer medium length tutorials because small tutorials gives little information or do not explain topic as required and long tutorials dives into deep and skips main issues. Following links provides topics about Python.

Python Tutorials

Ask Questions To Yourself and Google 🙂

The main provider for learning is curiosity. We can always ask question into ourself in order to answer. For example how can select items from list in python. Creating scenarios about these question will make them more human readable. We can also ask question Google too.

Attend Course

Some peoples are not self learner but very good in course type learning they can interact with instructor and proceed more faster than self learning. While selecting curse prefer courses where instructors are actively developing python applications.

Inspect Popular Python Applications Code

We after intermediate level we can develop our python programming skills by reading codes that is written by other professionals. There are a lot of open source python applications where their code can be grabbed and inspected. Here some of them.

  • Django
  • Amarok
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