Libvirt Tutorial


Hi today we are gonna look for managing vms especially in linux with libvirt. Libvirt is a library and tools to manage vms. Livirt development is suppported by Redhat and defacto tool in linux world. In linux Kvm/qemu is generally used for virtuulization but libvirt supports Xen, Virtualbox, Vmware, Hyperv too.I not gonna dive to deep. So start using it.

To install and see info about the libvirt packet. As you see it is very little tiny packet and it install a daemon to control virtualization.

Install Libvirt Package

Lets install it

Disable SeLinux

After installation you may need to start daemon and it is the best to disable selinux for testing purposes.

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Start Libvirt Daemon

We will start libvirt daemon to connect server with out client virsh

As you can see daemon is active.

Connect To Libvirt with Virsh

Now we can connect to it

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