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Linux Bluez PAN Daemon (PAND) Tutorial with Examples

Linux provides alternative ways to support and use network devices. Bluetooth is one of them. Personal Area Network Daemon or simply pand is popular daemon used to manage Bluetooth. Below is we will look at some usage of pand . Keep in mind that all of these commands requires access rights to the Bluetooth device or simply root privileges.

List Active PAN Connections

Currently, available PAN connections can be listed with the -l parameter like below.



Listen For PAN Connections

To create a PAN the Bluetooth should listen for PAN connections. The following command will listen for PAN connections.


Search And Connect To A PAN

While using client mode Bluetooth devices should search the existing PAN’s and connect to the PAN. --search options can be used to search and connect to a PAN

echo '


Kill PAN Connection

To quit PAN connection the connections should be killed by specifying the base address.


Kill All PAN Connections

PAN connection can be stopped without specifying base addresses one by one. This will kill and stop all existing PAN connections.


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