Linux Directory and File Operations


Most basic linux usage start with linux file and directory operations. We will look these operations to cover basics.

List Directories and Files

Start of the navigation in file system starts with listing the directories and files

List Hidden Files and Directories

All operating systems have hidden files to hide it from used. It is not security related feature. It it related about operation and reliability. Showing configuration files in home directory have no benefits. So by default hiding them is better.

List Files and Folders Recursively

We can all child files and directories by providing recursive option

Change Directory

We can go to the root

We can go to the home directory

We can go to upper directory

We can go to the log directory

Show Working Directory

We can work different systems and directories in day to day operation. We may not remember  current directory of the shell. We can get current working directory with pwd command.

Delete File and Directory

We may need to delete a file or folder. rm and rmdir are commands used to delete file and directories.

I can not deleted the directory because there are files or directories in it. We can force for deletion

  • -Rf option will make deletion recursive and forcibly.
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Move Files and Directories

We can use mv command to move files and directories

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