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Linux Mint Distribution Tutorial

Mint is a Linux operating system which is based Ubuntu. Mint uses Ubuntu packages and ads some tricks to make things modern, elegant, and comfortable. Mint is a popular operating system that can be seen from web page.

What Makes Mint Different

  • Out of box multimedia and codec support
  • Free, no cost and open source
  • A big and friendly community which helps users
  • Based Ubuntu which provides a lot of applications and package around 30,000

Linux Mint Download

Mint provides different desktop environments like;

  • Cinnamon is popular among the Mint community. It is a light-weight version of Gnome Desktop
  • MATE is a light-weight version of the previous Gnome
  • Xfce light-weight desktop environment provides base tools
  • KDE useful full-featured desktop

If you have older PC more than 4 years prefer Xfce or MATE. MATE is more features than Xfce. If you have modern PC newer than 4 years options are KDE and Cinnamon. KDE is more attractive but consumes some more resources like RAM. All desktops are supported for 32 bit of 64 bit systems.

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