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Linux Sysstat Utilities For Monitoring System Performance

Linux has a lot of different system metrics and performance monitoring tools. Sysstats provide a bunch of tools for monitoring purposes. This project is maintained by Sebastien Godard. This tool collects and reports system activity information about different aspects of the system like CPU, network, disk, tape, io, etc. Sysstat tool dependencies are low which makes it great for minimal or low resource systems. Sysstat tool suite consists of the following tools.

  • sar
  • iostat
  • tapestat
  • mpstat
  • pidstat
  • sadf
  • cifsiostat


Installation is very easy for a lot of distributions. We will look at mainstream distributions and package management tools about how to install sysstat.

Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Mint:

$ sudo apt install sysstat
Sysstat Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Mint:
Sysstat Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Mint:

Fedora, RedHat, CentOS:

$ yum install sysstat


Some information about the sysstat package can get from the following screenshot.



System Activity Reporter or simply Sar is the most popular tool of sysstat tool suite. Sar provides features for general metrics on a Linux operating system.


Io start is mainly used for CPU IO information. Iostat provides detailed information like devices and their IO rates on CPU.


Tapestat as its name suggests used for monitoring activity of taped drives those connected to the Linux system.


Mpstat is used to report processor related statistics. It provides information from the processor point of view and gives information about the utilization of CPU.


This tool provides information about the processes running on the Linux server. All process, single processor child processes can be monitored with this tool.


Sadf is an umbrella tool used for displaying data collected with different sysstat tools like sar, iostat, pidstat etc. . Sadf also supports to export in different formats like CSV, XML, etc.

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This is specifically used for CIFS file system or simply SMB shares. This tool can generate statistics about reading and write operations on CIFS file systems.

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