Linux VMware Workstation Not Enough Physical Memory Is Available Error and Solution

VMware is a Linux based virtualization system which provides rich features. VMware supported by different platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux. As WMware is a closed source product we need to make some manual work on Linux systems. If we are using Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Mint and similar up-to-date systems which owns kernel newer than 4.8 VMware do not works accordingly. In this tutorial we will look the problem and how to fix it.

Not Enough Physical Memory Is Available Error

This error is related with the source code which checks the Linux kernel version. VMware checks for kernels 4.8 and older. But as we know the current Linux kernel used by popular distributions are newer than 4.8 . Here is the screenshot of the error.

Not Enough Physical Memory Is Available Error

Not Enough Physical Memory Is Available Error

Fix The Problem

We need to change the source code of the problem. The source code is locate in the file named vmmon.tar . This file is untarred and compile with the kernel updates or during installation.

Then we will open file named hostif.c . We need root privileges in order to save changes to the file. So we can open hostif.c with sudo like below.

Add the following lines after #include "versioned_atomic.h" line.

Now the second change is replace following lines


Compile and load changes with the following command.

Fix The Problem

Fix The Problem

Now we can use VMware without a problem or error.

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  1. ki says:

    this was a life saver, thanks so much!!

  2. maxim says:

    i cant save changes at hostif.c

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