How To List All Partitions Of A Disk In Linux


Operating systems use storage or disks to save data persistently. Disks are used with partitions to manage them easily. Generally operating system and data partitions are placed separately. Home directory of the linux is separeted because a problem in the home directory like fulling do no effect to the general system. Modern Linux system use a lot of partitions. And here is the question How can I list partitions exists in my linux system.

List Partitions With fdisk

fdisk is number one tool used by system administrators to manage disk. fidks provides creating, deleting, listing of partitions.

  • There is a lot of information from system administrator persfective.
  • /dec/vda is disk to list partitions
  • /dev/vda1 is the partition of the disk


List Partitions with /proc/partitions

We can get more simpler list by using kernel provided information like below

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  • /proc/partitions provides information about partitions in a simple manner
  • vda1 is a partition

List Partitions with parted

Parted is popular probram espacially creating, deleting partitions and file systems. We can use parted to list partitions too.

List Partitions with blkid

blkid is espacially usefull to get uniq identifiers of partitions but an be used too list partitions

List Partitions with lsblk

lsblk is generally used to get mount points of the partitions but also used to list parititions.


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