Memcached Add Operation with Python Example – POFTUT

Memcached Add Operation with Python Example

Add operation is similar to the set operation but the difference is that is a key is all ready exists NOT_STORED code is returned. This makes add operation more reliable than set and aware of the key overwrite. Syntax is like below

add key flags expiretime bytes
  • key is the identifier of the value
  • flags is operations details
  • expiretime  is the time the key-value will be hold in memory.
  • bytes is total size of the value as byte
  • value is data we want to save

Let’s try this with our simple telnet connection.

add poftut 0 100 4 
add poftut 0 100 4 
  • potut is out key
  • is flag
  • 100 is the timeout for the key-value
  • is the size of the value
  • test is our value
  • STORED successfully saved
  • NOT_STORED failed to save

As we see when we try again the same key we get a response NOT_STORED like we stated before.

Python Application

This application will import memcache library and then create a client object where we will provide some configuration like the memcache host IP address or hostname and the port number. We will than create a python dictionary which holds some value-key pairs and than use client object add function to put the samp dictionary values to the memcache server.

import memcache 

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