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Memcached Installation Tutorial

Memcached is free&open source, high performance, distributed memory object caching system used generally for web applications. Memcached is in-memory key-value store.As we will see in next chapters Memcached is simple but powerful.

Memcached was originally developed by Brad Fitzpatrick for LiveJournal in 2003.

We will install Memcached in Fedora. It is similar for other distributions.

Check Memcached Service Status

Memcached runs as a service. So to work with it we need to check status of the memcached service with systemctl command.

Start Memcached Service

It seems the service is  not started yet and we need to start it and chec again the status of service to be sure.

Start Memcached as Daemon

We have started the memcached service but if we want to start it as daemon we can use -d  option.

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We have started a memcached daemon process with.

  • -p  for tcp port to listen
  • -U  for udp port to listen
  • -u for username
  • -d  for to run daemon process

echo '

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