Memcached Replace Operation with Python Examples – POFTUT

Memcached Replace Operation with Python Examples

Replace operation will change existing key-value. If the key-value do not exists we will get an response like NOT_STORED. Its syntax is similar to add.

  • replace is the name of the verb
  • key the key which replaced
  • flag as flag
  • expiretime  the time range the key-value stored in memcached
  • bytes  the size of the new value
  • value new value

Let’s add new data  and check it exists.

We will replace poftut key-value with new value.

  • replace  the verb
  • poftut  is the key we want to replace its data
  • flags
  • 100 the second we want to hold new key-value
  • is the size of new value
  • testnew  is new value
  • STORED  the result of the successful replace operation

Python Application

We save the code as filename running the code the output we get.

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