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Nmap Output

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Output is important part of a scan because all gathered information will be shown. According to output next steps will be decided. In this chapter we will look nmap output features.

Normal Output To A File

Normal output is the default output which is normally written to the console. This output can be saved into  file with -oN option.

$ nmap -oN myscan localhost
Normal Output To A File

XML Output To A File

XML output is an other option for output. XML is very useful while using Zenmap. Zenmap is tool for nmap that provides GUI.

$ nmap -oX myscan localhost
XML Output To A File

Grep-able Output To A File

Grep is a tool used to filter text file with normal or regular expressions. Grep-able output will produce output which is very easy to use with Grep tool.

$ nmap -oG myscan localhost
Grepable Output To A File

Output To A File In All Formats

up to now we have used 3 output format one by one . In some situations we may need to get all of them for single scan. Nmap provides -oA to output in all 3 format just adding some extension to the end of files.

$ nmap -oA myscan localhost
Output To A File In All Formats

As we see after scan 3 files are created to save output.

  • gnmap is grepable output file
  • nmap is normal output file
  • xml is xml output file

Show Only Open Ports

While port scan there is different type of port status. Open, Closed, Filtered etc. . Nmap will provides all of this status information with port results. We can omit other than Open port status to make things clear.

$ nmap --open localhost
Show Only Open Ports

There will be no result with filtered or closed.

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Print Scan Status Periodically

While scanning especially big networks scanning time will be very long. We may want to get information about scan status. Here how we can do

$ nmap --open --stats-every 1
Print Scan Status Periodically

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