Online nslookup Tools and Applications

nslookup is a tool used to resolve  DNS name into IP address or IP address to DNS name. nslookup provides a lot of different features during DNS resolution. nslookup command features also provided from different web sites and web applications. In this tutorial, we will talk about these different web sites and their features.

Centralops is a web site that provides different online internet utilities like ping, traceroute, nslookup, etc. We can access the nslookup tool from the following URL.

As we can see that we can provide the domain name and the query type. We can optionally set the DNS server we want to use and the port of the DNS server. The output provides the complete nslookup output like SOA, NS, MX, A records. is very old web page that does resolve DNS. It provides simple features to the domain name and the DNS server with the query type. The query response is printed into the same page with a simple answer which is just an IP address. This web site also works very slowly according to other alternatives. is a modern web application to use nslookup service. It provides an elegant interface with some advanced features like DNS server and port specification with query type and a timeout value. This service is using Google-captcha which may require human verification. is a web site that provides popular network tools like ping, traceroute, dns lookup, whois, proxy checker, network calculator, etc. The nslookup tool for is very simple where we just provide the DNS address and get the IP address like below.

LEARN MORE  Windows Ipconfig Command Tutorial With Examples To List, Change, Renew IP Configuration is another web site that provides different online tools relates, IP, network, email, DNS, etc. We will just provide the hostname with a query type for the DNS lookup. The DNS server is optional. The output will provide detailed information about the domain with A, NS, AAA record types. is a web site that provides a lot of different network diagnostics and monitoring tools. We can use the following URL for nslookup tool. The tool is very simple where we will provide the DNS name with query type and return the IP address. is a very popular web site that provides different network tools. We can just put the DNS name and get the IP address of the given domain name with some TTL, information.

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