Openstack Keystone Terminology


Hi, Openstack is a hot topic in this era and a lot of people want to learn openstack. Openstack is made up from project like keystone, neutron, horizon … All of them have concepts and terms individually. Here I am gonna talk about keystone terms and concepts.

Keystone is AAA and catalogue service for openstack. There are terms to specify things in keystone.

User is a identity used generally humen users, automated users and services which gives ability to authenticate new comers.

Role tailors/changes a User privilege and rights.

Credential is the data that proves user identity and provided by the User.

Authentication is the process that validates User with the given Credential.

Token is data that is given to an authenticated User to use services with given rights.

Tenant is container used to group  or isolate resources.

Service is a service.

Endpoint is the url/address of a Service.

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