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Linux File System

In this tutorial we will look details about linux file system and directories. Linux stores binaries, files, images, libraries etc. in the file system for persistency. Ram is cleared between reboots but file system...


How To Manage Firewall Rules With Iptables In Linux

Firewall is main component for network security. Enterprise firewalls are located between internet and enterprise networks to manage access and other stuff. There are also host firewalls those are very similar with network firewalls...


How To Synchronize System Time In Linux?

Time is important for systems because all work done according to time and logs get their timestamps. Normally server hardware provides time but it can be false over time because the hardware clock is...


How Change Run Levels In Linux?

Run Level is preset operating state in Linux systems. Different run levels have different behaivour. How can we change these run levels easily? What are these run levels? Run Levels We will explain the...


How To Shutdown Linux At Specified Time?

After installing updates it may needed reboot. Rebooting systems in office hours is a bad thing to happen. What can we do? We can set Linux system to restart after office hours with automated...


How To List Shutdown Events In Linux?

In the enterprise environments the shutdown and reboot information is important. We can get information about last reboots, their times etc. This information is stored at  /var/log/wtmp This file is data file which format...


How To Count Words In A Sentence In Python?

I want to send my text to the python application as argument. The application will return the count of words in the text. Here is the basic but useful sample python application.



How To Give Su Rigth To User In FreeBSD?

I have a FreeBSD box. I want to connect this system remotely with ssh. FreeBSD security settings are very restricted so we can not connect FreeBSD system with root user remotely. We will ssh...

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