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How To Update VMs with Libguestfs Tools

I am using fedora 21 and running vms with kvm/libvirt. I have a lot of vms and generally they cannot get current. I want to update them regularly but this is time consuming and...

Symmetric Cryptography Disadventages 0

Symmetric Cryptography Disadventages

Cryptography was a fiction or a luxury a decade ago and used very less in our daily life. Cryptography history is a log history but modern Cryptography history is very short. Today we are...

How To Create RSA Public and Private Key 0

How To Create RSA Public and Private Key

RSA is an algorithm used for Cryptography. It was patented until 2000 in USA (not whole world) where now it can be used freely. RSA has a lot of usage examples but it is...


Snmp Tutorial

Today we will look snmp in linux operating systems. Simple network management protocol named snmp is designed for getting info and setting configuration in it entities. These entities may be switch, router, pc, cabinet,...


How To Add and Delete Route In Linux?

I am currently working in my gns3 lab on ospf and I have connected my routers to the real world virtual network. What is real world virtual network? I am running gns3 on vms...


How To Record Screen In Linux?

Hi., today I am gonna show you simple script that I use to record my screen. Ffmeg is very usefull tool for video recording, editing, etc. Ffmpeg have a lot of options and one...

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