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How to Configure Cisco Device and User Modes

We have an Cisco device. We want to configure it from command line interface. How can we accomplish that? Connecting Device There is different ways to connect device. It can be changed according to...


How To Install Tenable Nessus into Kali?

I am pentest guy. I heard that Nessus is very good tool to manage vulnerabilities or vulnerability scanning. How can I install Nessus into my dpkg based pentest box? My distro my Debian, Ubuntu,...


How to Install Lxc on Ubuntu?

LXC is a lightweight graphical user interface. It is mainly used for systems those do not have enough resources to support more eye candy desktop managers like KDE or GNOME. In this tutorial we...


Only Download Package with Pip

How can I get a Python package with Pip? But by the way I do not want to download the package. We can use Pip download option to accomplish this. List Packages with Pip...


Install MySql Driver Package Mysqldbda For Python

How can we install MySql driver for Python by using Pip tool. We will list related python packages and then install according package. List MySqldb Python Packages with Pip

From the listed packages...


Search Python Packages with Pip

Pip is a package manager for python. How can we search for a specific package with pip? Here is the solution. We want to list Mysql related python packages provided by pip.



How to Install Pip in Debian, Ubuntu, Kali

Pip is python package manager .Python packages and libraries can be installed in different ways to the system. We can also use the distribution provided package manager to install Python libraries. Python packages can...


Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Regenerate Openssh Keys

How can I regenerate ssh keys of my openssh-server in Debian, Kali, Ubuntu or other dpkg based distros. Host keys can regenerated safely without affecting any ssh session. Remove All Existing Host Keys We...


Awk Print Tutorial With Examples

Awk is a stream type programming language. Awk can edit given text ant provided new text according to instructions. We will look popular usages of Awk in this  tutorial. There are alternative awk implementations...


Linux tar Command and How To Tar A Directory

Old days of Unix to make backups into tape archives tar utility was used. The days past and linux become popular in UNIX world. But the popularity of tar is never ended. tar is...

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