How To Run Asterik Cli Command From Bash

When writing scripts with linux shell it may needed to run asterisk cli commands from shell . Here is how to do it.

-r is for connecting asterisk daemon currently running and x for executing command which is following string “module show”


Libvirt Tutorial

Hi today we are gonna look for managing vms especially in linux with libvirt. Libvirt is a library and tools to manage vms. Livirt development is suppported by Redhat and defacto tool in linux world. In linux Kvm/qemu is generally used for virtuulization but libvirt supports Xen, Virtualbox, Vmware, Hyperv...


Brute Force Application Written In Java

Hi I have just released the source code of the application that I have written for brute force encrypted data. The application have some part of the key but it is not complete and I enumerate for possible missing keys and decrypt it the encrypted data. There is one more...


Simple Periodic Mac-Changer For Windows

Sometimes you need to change mac address periodically. Here is my solution. I have found and mac-changer tool and run it with a simple python script periodically. Here we can set period in the python code. https://github.com/ibaydan/periodic-mac-changer


How To Use Null Values In Django Model Fields

While I was looking django framework I need to add some fields to the model class but because of I have migrated current class and saved some value for this model django gives warning like this. You are trying to add a non-nullable field ‘type’ to word without a default;...


How To Get JSON Data with Django

When I was working on my web based software project I need to implement a json communication with Django and Jquery. The scenario was simple on the client side data is sent by using jquery and ajax , on the server side django will read json request and get array...


Django Session Variable and Seriliazation

Django session are used for time the users unique web application usage and gives ability to track users all information like username, basket etc. As I see that django makes usage off sessions very easy with MIDDLEWARE_CLASS SessionMiddleware which is configured in settings.py file. If you will do not use...

New Features of Go-lang 0

New Features of Go-lang

Recently I am playing with go language. It is developed by Ken Thompson the father of C++ for Google. It it very interesting language after C,C++. It says that C and C++ is the reference. If you look example codes you will see the interesting look.. For example name space...


How to use GPG(GnuPG)

GnuPG or GPG is Gnu version of Open PG standart implementation. It is very popular especially at personal use for mails etc. Here I will look basic usage of gpg2 in linux cli. gpg2 is the second major version of gpg. Here we will create public and private keys for...


Linux Livbirt Terminology

Libvirt is a framework supported by Red Hat to manage virtulization in linux environments. Libvirt is very popular and used by virt-manager, openstack etc. Libvirt sits between user level and kernel level then provides practical api to manage vms. Libivirt supports kvm, vmware, hyperv etc. but developed natively for kvm....

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