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Pixel Definition and Explanation

Pixel is the technical definition of a dot in a digital image, graphic or screen. Pixel is the atom of the digital image, graphic or screen where it can not be divided. Pixel is used for different reasons like specifying size, providing the color, etc.

Pixel Is A Dot

One pixel is one dot where different colors can be presented. Single-pixel does not create any value but multiple pixels can create a different presentation, graphics in an area. Pixel is the short form of the Picture Element.

Pixel Color Depth

The main duty of the pixel is representing or displaying a color. With the displayed color multiple pixels will show a great range of different colors which will depict some images or graphics. The color range of the pixel will change the quality of the graphic. If the pixels can show 256 colors it will be a low-quality image or graphic but if pixels can show 16 or 32-bit color which is 65,535, it will be a far better image or graphic quality. We can see that in the following screenshot the bit depth is 8-bit

Pixel Color Scheme
Pixel Color Scheme

Pixel Coordinates

In order to create graphic multiple pixels should be lined up. Generally, two-axis pixels are created with the x and y coordinates. The count of the x and y pixels the total number of pixels can be found.

Monitor Resolution As Pixel

Monitor or screens size and quality can be specified with different aspects. Pixel size provides the quality of the screen where it provides x and y pixel count like horizontal resolution and vertical resolution which is the horizontal and vertical pixel count.

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Monitor Resolution As Pixel
Monitor Resolution As Pixel

There are some pixel count or resolutions which are defined as

  • `HD Ready` 1024×768
  • `HD`1920×1080
  • `4K` or UltraHD 3840×2160

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