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Hi today I am gonna write about the rdp application named rdesktop. I need some times to connect the windows systems. I have used remmina which is capable of vnc,ssh,rdp, nx etc. But all just need rdp. Remmina is very talented application but I do not need sı much talent. I just need rdp and I want to use my screen very efficient. Remmina shows menus I don’t use and get space from my screen. I decided to used rdesktop which have a lot of option about rdp protocol. But it do not have extra protocols like vnc, ssh etc. But it do not need them for rdesktop I have other practical solution for them. Now speaking is enough for now, lets go to the usage of rdesktop.

Simple use: password and server name or ip
rdesktop -p myPass123.,)

Set bit depth: with -a which supports 16,24,32
rdesktop -a 16

Disable Encryption: use with caution -E
rdesktop -E

Make better experince with cache: needs 10-30 MB disk space
rdesktop -P

Make better experience with compression: needs little more cpu
rdesktop -z

Set geometry: use all of workspace (not full screen)
rdesktop -g 100%

Set keyboardmap: mine is turkish look for more to man page
rdesktop -k tr 192.168.10

Set caption
rdesktop -T win8 192.168.10

If you want to more options look to man page …

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