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Router vs Modem What Is Different and What Is The Same?

In IT generally  well known names are used to identify devices. This may create some time problems about the issues. One of the most asked question in the network world and at the client side “What is the difference between Modem and Router?”. In this post we will look technical and functional details and compare router and modem.

What is Router

The router is generally used for devices that have the routing function. Routing is managing and transmission IP traffic between different networks. When we make an HTTP request to the the IP packets are transmitted between us and the server. The transmission is done by routers.

Some devices have heavy routing features and functionalities. These devices have multiple routing protocols like EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, RIP, Static etc. and can manage high bandwidth network traffic. These are real routers used in the enterprise environment. These are Cisco, Juniper etc. routers

But some other devices like end-systems have minimal routing capacity and functionality. This devices have only RIP or static routing. These devices also can not handle high bandwidth traffic for routing.

What is Modem

The modem is a short form of Modulator-Demodulator. As we expect is changes signal into a different format and change again the same format too. This is done for transmission of data in different ranges without any loss.

Modems was very popular in 2000’s for WAN and MAN connections. Modems are generally used with copper wires and process electrical signals. Most home internet users are using these infrastructure to get an internet connection.

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We will look following hardware for their functionality about modem and router.

Enterprise Router

This type of devices generally used for enterprise networks and provides professional network services like routing. This devices may have modem modules but generall,y they do not used or preferred to days.


ADSL Modem

This is the real modem and used for two decades. Home internet users accessthe internet through this modems with telephone lines with modem functionality of their ADSL modems or routers. This type of devices have very little  routing functions but they are called ADSL Routers too.

adsl router modem
adsl router modem

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