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Rpm, Yum, Dnf “NOKEY” Public Key Check Error and Solution

Rpm is very popular and secure package management format and application. Recent version of the rpm and yum command uses Public Key Check in order to make installation more secure. This is done by checking integrity of the rpm package.


We generally see the error during a package installation with rpm or yum command.



Show Signature

If we want to get more details about the signature of the package we can use -q -i options for rpm command. In this example we will check the signature and public key of the oracle package.

Show Signature

Show Signature

We can see that there is a warning which will print the public key error. We can see that Signature line show information about the hash algorithm, date and time and Key ID.

Disable GPG Signature Check For Rpm

We will use  --nosignature in order to prevent GPG or signature check of given rpm package.

Disable GPG Signature Check For Yum/Dnf

We can use yum or dnf command by providing --nogpgcheck option to the command. This will disable Public key or signature check for the current command. But signature check will not disabled in general.

Disable GPG Signature Check For Yum/Dnf Globally

Yum is a very useful package manager which can be resolve dependencies of the rpm packages and download from the network. We can set gpgcheck configuration in /etc/yum.conf . This will disable signature check for all yum or dnf commands.

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