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Screen Dimmer Applications For Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Android

Screen Brightness can be controlled with Screen Dimmers. A screen dimmer can be provided by the operating system by default but with some basic features. There are different applications that provide powerful features in order to set screen brightness.

Screen Dimmer Features

Screen brightness or dimmer applications can provide different features that make our lives easier. Below we will list some of the most popular and useful screen dimmer features for applications.

  • Set brightness
  • Set RGB values
  • Set timer and brightness for different times periods.
  • Night mode
  • Set the color temperature
  • Set power usage for higher battery life
  • Providing different modes like reading, health, programming, etc.
  • Manage multiple monitors screen brightness

Screen Dimmer Benefits

Using screen dimmer provides a lot of benefits most of them are related to our eye and human health. Below we will list some of the benefits of the screen dimmer.

  • Screen dimmer may lower the weak eyesight.
  • Screen dimmer helps in order to reduce or completely remove eye irritation.
  • Screen dimmer prevents side effects of excessive screen time.
  • The screen dimmer provides a better view of the computer screen.
  • Screen dimmer makes reading, programming, watching movies easier with different modes.
  • Screen dimmer will improve sleep quality.

Screen Dimmers For Windows

Event Windows operating system provides basic screen dimmer there is different screen dimmer software from 3rd parties.

Screen Dimmers For Windows
  • Iris
  • F.lux
  • CareUEyes
  • PangoBright
  • DimScreen
  • ClickMonitorDDC
  • Win10 Brightness Slider
  • Win10 Brightness Slider
  • ScreenBright
  • Gammy
  • Desktop Lighter
  • Eye Saver
  • Free Monitor Manager
  • RedShift GUI

Screen Dimmers For MacOSX

MacOSX screen dimmer software is very limited according to the Windows operating system.

  • f.lux
  • HazeOver
  • Apple’s Automatic Screen Dimming Software
  • Lunar
  • Brightness Control
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Screen Dimmers For Linux

Linux brightness controllers mainly provided by the official desktop environments like Gnome, KDE, XFCE etc.

  • Brightness Controller
  • GNOME Brightness
  • KDE Brightness
  • XFCE Brightness

Screen Dimmers For Android

Android provides a lot of different screen dimmer applications via Google Play market. Below we will list some of the most popular screen brightness controllers for Android devices and phones.

Screen Dimmers For Android
  • Lower Brightness
  • Night Screen
  • Screen Dimmer
  • Screen Filter
  • Dimly
  • Screen Brightness Tool
  • Darker
  • Blue Light Filter

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