How To Secure Home Router Wifi With 4 Steps?


Setting up and administration og home router is very techniqual job for regular home user. But if you give some effort you can easily make your home router wifi more secure with provided steps below.

Know Your Credentials

If you buy and in hurry to connect wireless network. You press button and connect your laptop to the wireless network. After this there is no worry about the wireless network configuration. After setting up your wireless network get know all of the credentials like router username,password, wireless key

Rename Wifi Router SSID

We can call SSID the name of the wifi. Generally routers came with default name of. If you set a unique name like iamunique it will be more helpful.

Change Credentials or Passwords

A lot of router came with default and same passwords which is publicly known. Sometimes some routers uses their mac or serial number as password but it is rare for now. Login with admin account and change passwords. You can find default passwords

Use Encryption if Exists

Encryption is the key to make data transmittion over the wifi. Check encryption configuration of the router and chose the strongest if there is no compability issue. Use WPA-2 if exist.

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