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How To Setup C Development Environment

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We will start with setting up our working environment. To develop C applications we need some compiler . Compiler is a tool that converts our code into executable format for the specified platform. We call specified platform because Windows is different from Mac-OS or Linux. Executable application can be run on operating systems. Pure C code cannot run on operating systems. Up to now we are settled that we need a C Compiler.

There are alternative ways to get C Compiler. There are different C Compilers. Some of them are paid some of them free.


We can get different compilers in Linux Operating Systems. GCC is most popular and easy to install and update compiler suite for C and C++. GCC can be installed for different distributions like below.

Ubuntu, Debian:

CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora:


Windows operating system provides different type of compilers. Microsoft have a product called Visual Studio which support from Visual Basic to C. Visual Studio have paid and free versions. Free version is generally enough to work on simple to moderate projects.

There are third party Integrated Development environments and compilers in Windows like MinGW, Turbo C++, Dev-C++ Tiny C Compiler etc.

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