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Today we will look snmp in linux operating systems. Simple network management protocol named snmp is designed for getting info and setting configuration in it entities. These entities may be switch, router, pc, cabinet, printer etc. Snmp was very popular in 2000s. today it is popular too but used for information gathering. Especially monitoring which will be examined later is made today with snmp. Snmp has an index database which named Management Information Base (MIB) used for data classification. Vendors generally publish their MIBs. For example Cisco MIB can be found . The system that gathers snmp info generally named Network management station. The systems that provides info or apply settings about yourself named Managed device. Agent is a tool that runs on Managed Device and responsible for snmp. Snmp works with udp, ip, tcp, unix, udp6, tcp6. Lets start typing command

Firstly we install snmp daemon, library and tool with this command in fedora. Also we can install it debian based distros like ubuntu from official repositories.

After installaing check the status of snmp service named snmpd

As it shown it is not started so we start it and check again the status

Here is the configuration file.

We change the public password with ismailbaydan in this line

Restart the service for the changes effects configuration.

Here we run snmpwalk for system ouid with new password and snmp community version 2. So we getll all value in the system ouid and in its sub branches.

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